Big Dig – Saturday 16 April 11am to 3pm

Saturday 16 April is BIG DIG day – and is a chance for people to get involved with local community gardens and green sites. So please do come and help us improve the site around Tamworth Farm allotments.

We’re just behind Tamworth Recreation Ground and opposite Figges Marsh, London Road, Mitcham.

Our allotments have public footpaths running around the site and a pathway linking the recreation ground and Rose Avenue. It’s a site well used by local people and there are also benches for people to sit and enjoy the area.

We want to make sure that people using the Recreation Centre, parents from Lavender Nursery and people walking through the site can enjoy a small urban oasis.

We planted a wild food hedge around the fences last year and our hedging plants need to love and attention this weekend so we’ll be cutting back the grass and pruning them.

We’ve also received a packages of wildflower seeds from Grow Wild and we’ll be planting a number of wildflower beds which will bring some more colour to the grass verges and encourage bees and butterflies to the area.

What are we doing on Saturday?

Big Dig resize.jpg

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