Code of Conduct

We believe that all allotment holders have the right to work in an environment that is safe, inclusive and where all of us feel respected, valued and share a sense of belonging so we can build a strong community.

This Code of Conduct sets out how people should act on a day-to-day basis. We hope it reflects all our daily activities and operations, our core values and the overall culture of the Society and our allotment site.

All members of TFAS whether allotment holders or committee members are expected to observe the following rules and behaviour.

We will:

  1. Work towards the good of both TFAS and the allotment site following the terms and conditions set out in the tenancy agreement which we all sign when joining the site.
  2. Take care of our site, thinking about the security and wellbeing of others on our allotments and our neighbours in houses surrounding our site; including showing respect for other people’s plots and possessions and making sure we keep the gates locked and secure and not having bonfires outside the agreed times.
  3. Carry out our personal and committee activities and make sure ALL our communications do not discriminate on the grounds of gender, sexual orientation, marital status, nationality, race, ethnic origin, religion, age or disability.
  4. Avoid abusive and inflammatory language, whether in person, by email, or by any other forms of communication, including social media.
  5. Never make physical threats or behave in a manner intended to intimidate or bully another allotment holder or committee member.
  6. Avoid conflict of interest, in particular when carrying out one of the committee or supporting roles for the Society.

If an allotment holder or committee member should know of, or become aware of, any breach of this Code of Conduct by any person they should immediately tell the Committee by either talking to their site reps, the Chair or any other committee member.

What will happen to people who don’t follow the Code of Conduct?

Any breach of the Code of Conduct brought to the attention of the Committee will be investigated. If found to have foundation, the Committee can:

  • Make a committee member resign their post Suspend people from using the site for a specific period of time and ask for their key back
  • Terminate a tenancy and evict someone from the site.
    Serious breaches of the Code of Conduct will be brought to the attention of Merton Council with a request that they review the issue and if necessary recommend further action.

TFAS will review this code regularly as required.