Health & Safety on Tamworth Farm Allotments.

Site maps clearly show the location of the First Aid stations with signage as follows in these locations:

The Horseshoe – The Community Shed
Rose Avenue – The Main Shed
The Farm (under review)

Each first aid kit is accompanied by an Accident Report Book where the accident should be logged with the date, your name and plot number. You should also let your site Rep know as we hold central records for any accident as part of our First Aid and Health and Safety records.


Call 999 or 112 for emergency help right away if you or someone else is having a life-threatening emergency.

In the event you need emergency help, the allotments address is as follows:

“Behind Tamworth Recreation ground. London Rd, Mitcham CR4 3LB”

What3Words is a global system that use 3 words to denote precise locations across the world. It is a useful system for giving locations that do not have a building or street address.

Useful “What3words” locations on the allotments are as follows:

Horseshoe Community Shed – payer.allow.scuba
Farm Main Gate– bump.double.packet
Rose Avenue Shed – nearly.rapid.overnight