Waiting List

We have a substantial waiting list and are not currently taking new applications. Please keep an eye on the website. We will update when the list opens again.

If you are on our waiting list, here’s a little more information on what to expect.

TFAS holds a list of people who have expressed interest in having an allotment and who meet the eligibility rules above. We keep the waiting list in order of when people let us know they would like a plot. It’s not always possible to tell you how long you may have to wait for a plot to come up, but if you are uncertain of how long you have waited or where your place is on the list, please do contact us and we can let you know.

We undertake an annual update of the waiting list to ensure that those on it remain eligible and interested in having a plot. We do this by using best endeavours to contact those on the waiting list by email, text or correspondence, and setting a reasonable deadline within which to reply. Anyone who does not reply within the deadline is removed from the list.

When a plot becomes vacant, we will get in touch with the person at the top of the list. We will make sure we have the right information about you to find the right plot for you. For example, if you are an experienced gardener with lots of time on your hands, we may offer you the chance to have a larger plot. If you are new to gardening, it is likely to be a smaller plot so you can try out how you like it. We will also check whether you are entitled to any concessions. Any information held on the waiting list or membership list will comply with GDPR rules.

We will always give you the chance to view any plot before you take it on. Plots that become vacant are often overgrown and may require a lot of work to bring back into cultivation. If you turn down the first plot we offer you, we will always offer you a second. But if you turn down that as well, we reserve the right not to offer a third unless there are good and justifiable reasons why both offers were rejected.

Once you have agreed to take on a plot, we will make arrangements with you to pay the rental costs and to sign a contract. This is a legal document that sets out the rights and responsibilities of being a plot holder. You will get a chance to read it before you sign and ask any questions you may have. Then you will receive the keys to the site and can begin to enjoy your plot. You will become part of a welcoming community. To find out more about being a plot holder, follow this link.