The Garden Membership Scheme

The purpose of the GMS is to provide plot-holders with assistance if for a period of time they become too busy or unwell to successfully cultivate their plot. The GMS enables a plot-holder to nominate someone outside their household (such as a friend or neighbour) to help them to work their plot, and to make sure the plot-holder complies with the lease requirement to cultivate a minimum of 50% of their plot.

The process is as follows:

  • The plot holder notifies the Membership Secretary that they are too busy or unwell to cultivate their plot and that they wish to nominate a Garden Member for their plot.
  • The nominee applies to the Membership Secretary to become a Garden Member. The Garden Member pays TFAS £7 per year, plus a returnable key deposit of £15 if they wish to have their own key.
  • Membership of the scheme is renewable annually at the same time as the plot-holder renews their lease. Renewals will be granted if the reason for the Garden Membership application still applies. In circumstances where a plot-holder is too busy to manage their plot, only one annual renewal will ordinarily be allowed (the Scheme is not intended to provide long-term assistance for such circumstances).

The Garden Member must comply with the TFAS Code of Conduct and is subject to the same processes and sanctions as the plot-holder if they breach the lease or the Code.

The Garden Member can provide the plot-holder with general help across all of the plot or cultivate a specific area of the plot, in agreement with the plot-holder.

The plot-holder remains wholly responsible for complying with the terms of their lease. This responsibility cannot be delegated to Garden Members.
The plot-holder is responsible for ensuring that Garden Members’ actions conform to the terms of the lease.

If the plot-holder relinquishes their lease the Garden Membership for that plot ceases. The Garden Member does not have a right of succession to the plot. If a Garden Member wishes to obtain their own plot they should apply to become TFAS members.

The plot-holder must maintain an active interest in and participate in the cultivation and management of their plot. Failure to do so will breach the Society’s rules against assignment.

The Garden Member must not give any money to the plot-holder. If they do so they and the plot-holder will be in breach of the Society’s rules against sub-letting.

The Garden Member can enjoy the produce from the plot, in agreement with the plot-holder.

TFAS Application Form for Garden Membership: Application Form for Garden Membership combined with Rules of Access Feb 23